Reroof. Replace.
Redefine your profits.

Replacing skylights during reroofing can
increase your profits by up to $800 and
give customers peace of mind.

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If we're going to replace your roof that's the time to replace your skylights. Replacing the skylights can add $500 to $1,000 dollars to our bottom-line profit, so replacing them also makes business sense.

Robert LaBelle, owner
LaBelle Roofing and Wayland Skylights

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Rob LaBelle


One simple skylight replacement tip guaranteed to make customers happy.

When your reroofing customers decide to replace their old skylights, leave them with a product that will have them bragging to their neighbors. The VELUX No Leak Venting Solar Skylight…

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How to answer the customer question: “Are newer skylights better?”

If you’re working with a homeowner who needs to reroof and they have old acrylic bubble skylights, make sure you educate them on the innovations that make today’s skylights better…

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Are you new to skylights? See how easy it is to install VSS models.

Offering your customers the most innovative skylights doesn’t mean complicated installation for you. With the VELUX Venting Solar Skylight (VSS), also called the VELUX…

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How to measure for a skylight replacement.

So, you’ve decided to replace the skylights on your reroofing jobs. Congratulations on earning extra money per job and leaving your customers with a product that will keep them smiling for years…

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