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How to answer the customer question: “Are newer skylights better?”

How to answer the customer question: “Are newer skylights better?”

If you're working with a homeowner who needs to reroof and they have old acrylic bubble skylights, make sure you educate them on the innovations that make today's skylights better than their decades-old predecessors.

In this video, learn how skylight installer Mike Townsend combats preconceptions about skylights from homeowners who have only ever known acrylic bubble models.

“[Bubble skylights] trapped condensation. There was no way for it to get out,” Townsend said. “And as far as energy efficiency, there is not energy efficiency with the old-style bubble skylight.”

Recommend the most innovative skylight: VELUX VSS/VCS models

Townsend recommends the VELUX Venting Solar Skylight (available in deck-mounted VSS or curb-mounted VCS), also called the VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight, because it offers insulated glass for energy efficiency that's vastly better than old acrylic bubble skylights.

The VSS/VCS models also offer homeowners more functionality than standard fixed skylights:

  • Remote control — They open via a touch-screen remote control to bring in fresh air and promote home ventilation. Program the remote to open and close the skylights and blinds daily.
  • Blinds — They can have solar blinds added at the factory (for stock colors) that are also remote controlled.
  • Tax credit — This skylight qualifies for a 30 percent federal tax credit on product and installation through Dec. 31, 2019. That's savings for your customers.

As Townsend notes in the video, the VSS/VCS is installed the same as a standard fixed skylight, so there's no additional work for you on the roof, just a happier customer and more profit.

Packaged Savings: VELUX EPM model

If your customer is absolutely opposed to skylights that open, you can still help them take advantage of the 30 percent federal tax credit by offering the new VELUX No Leak Energy Performance Model (EPM). The EPM is a fixed skylight with a factory-installed solar powered room-darkening blind, and with the 30 percent federal tax credit, it's almost free to your customers. The EPM comes with:

  • A fixed skylight
  • A Factory-installed solar powered double-pleated room-darkening blind
  • A VELUX INTEGRA touch-screen remote control

The remote control comes with preprogrammed winter and summer blind operations to take advantage of the blind-boosting skylight energy performance by 40 percent:

  • Winter – Blinds automatically close at night to maximize energy efficiency and reduce heating costs
  • Summer – Blinds close during the daytime to maximize energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs

Whether they choose the VSS or EPM model, your customers will feel confident in having the latest No Leak skylight technology on their roof. And you'll leave with peace of mind that your roofing job is protected with a product that also boosted your bottom line.

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