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One simple skylight replacement tip guaranteed to make customers happy.

One simple skylight replacement tip guaranteed to make customers happy

When your reroofing customers decide to replace their old skylights, leave them with a product that will have them bragging to their neighbors.

The VELUX No Leak Venting Solar Skylight (available in deck-mounted VSS or curb-mounted VCS) model installs exactly the same as standard fixed skylights, but it provides homeowners with double the functionality. That's because this skylight opens to bring in fresh air in addition to natural light.

The VSS/VCS models use solar power, so you don't need to wire them into the home's electrical system, making it a quick and simple installation. Just click the small photovoltaic solar panel to the exterior frame and snap its wire into place.

The solar features don't stop there: With solar blinds, your customer can have the best of both worlds with sunlight when they want it and shade when they need it. Stock blind colors come with free factory installation, so all you'll need to do is turn the skylight's power switch to on.

Best of all, when your customers upgrade to the VSS/VCS, you can earn 30 to 50 percent more per job. Your customers can save, too, with a 30 percent federal tax credit on product and installation available through Dec. 31, 2019.

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